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Willing to Live Well: The Regeneration Station

Summary: Willing to Live Well is a home improvement column for savvy homeowners.You'll find it weekly, right here on Remodeleze

Author: Evan Willing

Posted on: 8/31/2011


Vanities are a necessity of life. What would our world look like without the tools of glamour? We’d all be honorary Amish and while the thought of taking baths with buckets has it’s own sort of charming appeal (depending on who you’re washing down), I prefer some of the most current additions in the world of bath accessories.

A good friend of mine, “Erik” is an innovative bicycle designer and manufacturer. In addition to working on ideas like vegetable based bike frames, he’s a rider that likes to come home and clean up his act in a bathroom that is just as modern as his designs. He wanted me to do a “tour-de-force” in his bathroom and help him upgrade some of his fixtures.

I couldn’t wait. 

I set out with a modest budget and here’s how we changed Erik’s very functional washroom into an eye catching and uber-hip regeneration station.

The first thing I did was to replace the faucet in the sink. Grohe is a German company that sells high quality fixtures with classic German engineering here in the states. They make a model called, “The Grohe Concerto Lavatory Center Set.” It’s essentially one faucet and control, but looks terrifically Teutonic; functional and cool. The price? Just under $150.

Sinks can be ridiculously affordable if you find the right supplier. I stumbled upon this really handsome, sink. “The Bali Large Porcelain Vessel” for just under $200. 

Next, we decided to ditch the old, under sink cabinet and rip it out. We replaced it with a free-standing fixture. Can you say mo-mo-modern!

Since we were staying basically with porcelain white as our theme, we went with a Greek Key Floor Cabinet with one door.   Which we found for under $100! Gone was the black hole medicine and vanity cabinet.

For just under $500 we had replaced the sink, faucet and cabinet and created both the stylistic and functional core of the bathroom. Now we needed to add some ancillary items and one really special one.

Staying with the chrome themes we bought some new and shiny goodies for towels and the toilet. Since we had no cabinet under the sink any longer, we got a Ravenna integral towel bar that is installed underneath the sink.

For an innovative yet functional dude like Erik, the towel bar was a real winner.

We grabbed the Blomus Duo Polished Toilet Brush for its ability to turn a toilet brush into nouveau-art. Instead of recovering the floors, we simply added real Turkish cotton spa bath mats. They were affordable, stylish and very plush. Did I mention affordable?

Lastly, we had to have one cool accessory for Erik’s bathroom.

We splurged on an ionic footbath. Not everyone’s choice for dipping into the budget, but since Erik is also kind of a health freak, we went for it and got the most functional and stylish one we could find so we could leave it out and have it actually be a part of the bathroom.

We upgraded Erik’s sink and faucet, while shifting the look and feel to being more open, airy and functional. We did it all without major ripping and re-building.

 We managed to do it all in a weekend and, in essence, we remodeled with ease.

For a job like this..

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About the Author

Evan Willing provides home improvement tips to savvy homeowners, like you. Read his column to stay up to date on every hot craze in remodeling. Even if you're more of a do-it-yourselfer or in search of the latest home improvement repair tip - this home improvement column is for you. And you'll find it weekly, right here on Remodeleze.com

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